North Shore Art Throb

So I’m doing a little freelancing/arts listing work for the fabulous online magazine North Shore Art Throb. Check it out:

Holiday Happenings:

“The holiday season is upon us. Shops are decorating the windows, restaurants are advertising seasonal specials, and radio stations are already playing obnoxious holiday songs.

You know what this means. It’s time to start planning your seasonal event calendar. Luckily, North Shore Art Throb has organized a list of local holiday events.”

…read more here

Amy’s Agenda:

“Need plans this week? Let Art Throb fill you in on what’s happening across the North Shore.”

…read more here

*And since I know that ya’ll are absolutely dying to know whats happening up here on the NoSho, stay tuned to NSArtThrob each week for my agenda of great events.


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