Learning life’s lessons through music

The Plummer Home for Boys in Salem is a non-profit group home for teenage boys between 12 and 18. Many of the boys have a history of abuse and neglect, while some struggle with managing their behaviors.

Two years ago, the boys began tapping the keys of a donated piano.

This year, they wrote, composed and recorded their own CD. And it’s good.

Check out a few tracks below and read the full story on North Short Art Throb.

Tears are Flying (Written by D.Dew and A.Z. Katz. Vocals: D. Dew, C. Lipton and A.Z. Katz; Keyboards: A.Z. Katz.)

Photograph Island (Written and arranged by E. Diaz and A.Z. Katz. Keyboards: E. Diaz; Drums: W. Monto; Bass: L. Fussell; Acoustic Guitar and Synthesizer)


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