Saying Goodbye

Although its been awhile since Crunchy Granola Baby officially closed, I haven’t been able to focus my thoughts and attention enough to address the loss.

I started working at CGB three years ago, during graduate school at Emerson College, and immediately it became more than another part-time retail job. Jennie and her loyal customers taught me about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, Waldorf vs. Montessori educations, cloth diapers, organic clothing and wooden toys. They showed me that a crunchy lifestyle doesn’t need to be lost after becoming a parent, but instead entered into with wild abandon and passion. Jennie introduced me to the beauty of Salem, the uniqueness of its local shops, and the wonderful events that make it thrive.

Despite new jobs and frequent traveling (thanks for the flexibility, Jennie!), I couldn’t walk away from CGB. I spent my weekends meeting expecting parents and gushing over newborns, teaching babywearing and playing with toys.

And although I can’t say that I’m not excited to have free weekends, I do sometimes miss Saturday mornings at the shop. Coffee with Jennie, tweeting about the day’s events, exchanging stories with new people … being a part of something bigger.

CGB was more than a shop. It was a gathering place for like-minded locals who enjoyed and embraced the crunchier side of life. It was a community.

Thanks for everything, Jennie.


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