S0 2011 was not my favorite year. I don’t know how it treated you, but it kicked my family’s collective ass.

It seemed that we were constantly being barraged with health issues, losses, unexpected disappointments, and plenty of other hurdles that Mother Nature felt she could toss at us.

Sure, there were highlights. The Stranded Dog scored a sweet new job. He also proposed to me (Yes, I said yes). Other friends moved back to New England, got engaged, tackled overwhelming physical challenges,  bought gorgeous houses, and more. I ran my first 5K, discovered standup paddling, and landed a beautiful apartment on the water in a coastal town.

But sometimes, you just cant help feeling like the bad overshadowed the good.

Not in 2012.

So I’m taking this opportunity to wave goodbye to 2011 (with just my middle finger, mind you) and I’m looking 2012 straight in the eye and saying, “Bring It On.”


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