Heads Up, Wings Out

I’m not particularly fast (yet). I can’t use the word fartlek in a sentence without giggling (and I’m OK with that). I’ve only been running for a little while and I somehow manage to injure myself more than I’d like (i was rocking a big ole’ boot last week). And I’m certainly not a running blogger.

But man, I’m really in love with running.

There’s nothing like the post-run feelings of exhaustion and accomplishment, wound together tightly. I adore spending Saturday mornings listening to my favorite podcasts and winding through the back roads and trails here in NH. And, of course, running provides me with quality time with my best girl (below left).

Z and Toronto
Zealand (left). Running in Toronto (right).

But I also love the feeling of community that running provides (particularly when I’m injured and looking for tips to heal, train, etc). I connect with others when I read my favorite blogs and Runner’s World. I meet interesting locals at nearby races and run clubs. I spend afternoons laughing and running with my Girls on the Run team. And now, I’m looking forward to connecting with other birds through Oiselle Volée.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 21.16.53

Sure, I could just join a local running group for free and call it a day. But there’s something special about Oiselle, what they’re doing, and what Volée means. It’s more than just running. The Oiselle Flight Manual advises us to build the sisterhood, set wild goals, own the journey,  be a superfan, and more. Per Oiselle,”We’re building a new kind of family. One that is strong, supportive, passionate, and all-in on a woman-up world.”

Don’t you just love that?

So here’s the takeaway: I’m looking forward to building some bonds with other birds*, particularly here in gorgeous New England. Heads up, wings out!

Hiking in the White Mountains.
Hiking in the White Mountains.

*I’m nursing an injury right now and (regrettably) taking it a bit slow … So bear with me!


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