Deceptively simple, endlessly complicated.

Showing off my badass baton twirling sklls while golfing.

Golf never really piqued my interest. I didn’t understand the allure of walking around for hours, working just to hit a ball into a faraway cup. But now that I’ve played?

Yeah, I still don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong. I had a great time playing with my husband, and it was lovely to be outside, and I enjoyed being active. But I always have a great time with my husband, I’m hard-pressed to find a time that it isn’t lovely to be outside, and I generally enjoy being active.

So, why did I bother? A few reasons:

  • I’m always saying that I don’t like golf … but it felt a bit immoral to express my vehemence for something I had never tried.
  • There’s a beautiful golf course right by my house … and its affordable … and we had nothing else to do that day.
  • It was on my “15 in 30’s” bucket list. Because, why not?

Although I can’t picture myself ever becoming a “golfer” (although really, who knows), I did enjoy the afternoon enough that I’ll likely go again.

And who knows, maybe I’ll take up the sport when I’m older and just looking for ways to hang out with my husband, spend time outside and be active.


Freezing my tail off for the animals!

plungelogo_withsponsorWe love the ocean. And we love animals. And although winter isn’t exactly our favorite season …Kris and I are taking part in the 3rd Annual Doggie Paddle Plunge.

This is a fundraising event to benefit the animals of the New Hampshire SPCA – Participants will gather on the beach and together run full speed ahead into the frosty Atlantic to demonstrate their commitment to all the pups, cats, farm animals and more that need homes.

Consider joining our efforts by plunging yourself or donating to our winter insanity. View my page here… and view Kris’ page here!

If you want to partake or attend the festivities, the plunge takes place on noon on Saturday, February 16 in New Castle, NH, followed immediately by lunch. BTW – You can register for a guest lunch for only $10. Not a bad deal!