Gettin’ Cheesy

Peter Pan Statue
Requisite Phone Booth Shot

Kris and I, gettin’ cheesy in London. Nice.

Check out Kristopher (and his photos) over at Stranded Dog.


Roommate Party in the UK

In a plot twist that couldn’t have worked better if we’d planned it, Kris and I met up with our former roommate Will in London. We drank some beer, wandered around London, and, to maintain our American roots, Will crashed on our floor.

Will, Amy & Kris @ Buckingham Palace
Will & Kris @ The Swan
Will & Kris @ The Swan
Amy & Will @ The Swan
Amy & Will @ The Swan
Will, Crashing on our Floor
Will, Crashing on our Floor

Platform 9 3/4

This one is for you Maria.

While waiting at King’s Cross for our train to Scotland, Kris and I realized that we were smack dab in the middle of a Harry Potter scene. You know the one: Bustling train station…Harry and Co. running straight into a brick wall on their way to Hogwarts…Platform 9 3/4? (Maria knows the scene!)

Well anyway, we wandered around until we stumbled across the “real” Platform 9 3/4 and then proceeded to geek ourselves out completely. Check it out below.

PS: Did you know that they actually filmed the station scenes at Kings Cross? Don’t they usually build fancy sets?



GSE Media Debut

Ilford Recorder

The GSE Team was featured in The Ilford Reporter on October 15 in an article headlined “Town hall welcomes visitors from across the pond.”

And in case you can’t read the scanned copy, here’s the text:

“TOWN hall chiefs got a taste of working life in America during a visit by a group of professionals. Redbridge Mayor, Cl l r Thomas Chan and Aldborough Cllr Loraine Sladden welcomed the overseas visitors from Boston, Massachusetts, to Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford, last week.

The trip was organised by Rotary in London as part of a group study exchange. The guests, including a journalist, scientist, graphic designer and transportation planner, met with their professional counterparts to learn about problems and solutions to their trades in this country.

The visit was organised by Tony Betts, who is group study exchange co-ordinator
in east London and Cllr Sladden.

Mr Betts said: “People can gain a great deal by finding out different things that are done in different countries, and taking these ideas back to their employer.”

Rotary in London has been organising exchanges for the past 30 years and next year it will be the turn of four London adults to visit the United States”

Second Star to the Right

Did I mention that I fulfilled a childhood dream?

I visited Kensington Gardens which, among other amazing features, is home to Peter Pan. And I absolutely adore Peter Pan.

After all, what could be better than a book/film with a premise that focuses entirely on never growing up? I’d prefer to live my entire life in a tree-house, sneaking around and having adventures with fairies and pirates.

And to fulfill my love for J.M. Barrie (whose home I saw!), I learned that he sneaked the bronze statue into the gardens late at night as a surprise.

Simply, wickedly awesome.

Peter Pan

Fancy Dress Required

I’m back from the UK!

But there are still plenty of photos, stories and ideas that I need to share. So bear with me as I continue updating this blog.

Let’s begin with the Gala: I donned my posh frock for an evening of dancing, drinks and what I think may have been a meal of duck?

Black Tie Steve
Black Tie Steve
Ray...Rockin' Out!
Ray...Loves it!
Sarah, Ray & Bruce rockin' out!
Sarah, Ray & Bruce rockin' out!
Sarah and Amy
Sarah and Amy