Beginning of the End

I’ve gone the way of the blog. It’s true.

So let’s just forget all those times I mocked bloggers and called them narcissistic. Or wannabe journalists. Or bad writers.

Because although there are plenty of self-absorbed fake reporters blogging away with bad grammar, I’ve also found some really swell blogs. [Check out this hilarious blog, the beautiful photos on this blog, and the adorableness of this blog.]

And besides. I leave for London in a few weeks and really want to chronicle my trip for the folks back home. [ Hi Folks!]

So to celebrate my departure from the North Shore, I’ve taken a few photos of my favorite spots along this beautiful coastline.

*Sure, it’s not Colorado. But it’s not too shabby.

Essex River
Essex River

Southwest Corridor Park in Boston
Southwest Corridor Park in Boston
Salem Farmers Market
Salem Farmers Market


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