Safe and Sound

I’m here safe!

But I’ve been busy and still haven’t had time to upload photos. Instead here’s a few quick notes about the trip:

A few notes about what we’ve done:

  • BBC – I heart the BBC. But not the BBC public tour. That was less impressive.
  • London Tour Bus – Except a cycling event was happening, so all the major roads were closed. Of course.
  • Portobello Business Centre – The US is in a recession. The UK is in a recession. Done.
  • Lunch at a Tapas Bar – Where the special was lasagna. Go figure.

We’re headed for Buckingham Palace this morning (it’s 7:15AM as I write this, ugh) and then to a few schools and youth centres. I’ve met a ton of people and it’s been an interesting experience so far. More details and embarassing stories to come, trust me.

No more time to chat, I need to go drink my breakfast tea. Seriously.


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