“But Charlie, I want the pink milk!”

I’ve finally seen Monet’s “Water Lilies.” Done.

In addition to Monet, I saw tons of other insane[ly interesting] work by famous artists while visiting the Tate Modern yesterday. Lots of the exhibitions featured wacky modern art pieces that symbolize the deeper meaning of the world….but quite a few were exceptionally beautiful and though-provoking. Plus, I finally saw Andy Warhol’s rendition of Marilyn Monroe. Nice.

We also visited Lloyd’s yesterday, where I learned about the world’s leading (and virtually only) insurance company. Sure, I don’t really understand the high-powered chaos of insurance. And sure it has no relevance to my profession. But let me say now: it was actually kind-of interesting. Doesn’t make me want to run out and become an underwriting suit in power heels, but I enjoyed the tour.

And finally, I was taken on a tour of local Montessori schools today. I learned about their educational values, marketing plans, community outreach projects, etc. Plus, I spent the entire day playing with adorably British children who, undoubtedy, have the world’s cutest little accents. Reflecting back on the day, I suppose it was like a very long episode of Charlie and Lola. But with marketing plans.

PS: If you don’t understand the title of this post, then you obviously don’t know my love (and my roommates love) for the insanely adorable show “Charlie and Lola.” Seriously, check it out.


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