So the bitter cold (0 degrees with a -14 degree wind chill) was a bummer, and the quickly accumulating snow (7-10 inches) was surprising, and the biting wind (up to 30 mph), was tough…but i LoVermont!

We visited the Burton Flagship Shop, grabbed some food at the Vermont Pub and Brewery, rocked out a Grace Potter & The Nocturnals show, sucked down coffee at Uncommon Grounds, scored some great deals at Climb High, enjoyed some brews at the Magic Hat Brewery (see photo above), and finally visited the Ben & Jerry’s Factory!

Before this mini road-trip, I had never visited Burlington. Crazy, right? But I loved the town, especially the vibe. It reminds me of Boulder (CO). And if you know me, then you know that I really adore Boulder.

A few interesting Burlington notes:

  • Apparently we’re not the only ones who think ice cream is a fantastic idea on a frigid winter day. Ben & Jerry’s was packed! Is is always like that?!
  • I’ve visited a lot of breweries (have you seen my master’s project?), but Magic Hat takes the cake. The dark, funky atmosphere is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been and the tasting bar is just plain yummy.
  • Miss Grace Potter really loves the “hot hands, hot feet” dance. And shiny shirts. And we love her for it.
  • My new Bogs boots are a lifesaver! I’m not the most graceful person (OK, I’m a total klutz), but I managed to survive Vermont’s tragic roads in these kickass boots!
  • Over two days, we saw at least 10 cars skid off the highway due to the serious lack of plowing and sanding. Is it an environmental concern? Or were we just moving faster than the plows?  I’m genuinely curious. Vermonters, let me know.

So if you haven’t been, I certainly recommend a road trip. But remember: Check the weather before you go. And bring sand.


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