Goodbye 20s

This weekend I realized that I’m not in my early 20’s anymore.

Realistically, I’ve know this since my 25th birthday. But this weekend’s activities have convinced me wholeheartedly. Take my Friday night, for example:

Kris and I go on a winded and unsuccessful hunt for the first season of a PBS television show*. We rent a lame ’80’s movie instead.**

To ease my dismay, I promptly begin baking chocolate chip banana bread upon our return home… sans the PBS TV show.

My bread is baking and I am about to sit down and enjoy a book, a glass of wine, and some old NPR podcasts.

All of these activities on their own may not be indicative of my increasing age, but when strung together… its obvious.

I’m no longer in my early 20’s.

(Or I’m just super lame. Either way.)

* Yes, I’m talking about Downton Abbey.
** Yes, we have an actual brick-and-mortar video store that we frequent.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye 20s

  1. Amy,
    Michelle would like ot make a cake for your wedding… She said it can be just about anything you want. It doesn’t have to be formal and can be as big or as small as you want. She can decorate with live flowers if you like and even if you don’t want to do the whole corny scene you can still have a cake… let me know

    My rose petals are almost ready
    Auntie Judy

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