Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I’m leaving for London in about a week. Obviously the best time for my camera to die.

Let me re-phrase: Not just die. Slowly spiral downward in a progression so pathetic that I just want to put the stupid camera out of its misery. After all, its pretty old. And the camera’s most wonderful feature right now is the screen color shifting back and forth between neon pink and puke green. Perfect if I was heading over the rainbow for Oz. Not London.

But we had a good run, my little Canon. And now it’s time for a Nikon.

So I head for big box Best Buy to spend an evening in utter confusion. Seriously Best Buy. Why?

  • Why would an employee watch me dissect the features of the Nikon of my choice for 20 minutes before informing me that there are no more in stock? (“Oh my god, I totally just sold the last one.”)
  • Why won’t Best Buy put an item on hold? Ever? (“We’ll get a shipment Friday. But, no, we can’t put anything on hold. Just come Friday night around 8:30 and, if the truck comes on time, then we’ll just grab it off the truck for you.”)  What is this, a drug deal?!
  • Why is the price of the same camera $30 more expensive at Target? Especially when Target and Best Buy are right next door to each other.  I’m not sure I understand corporate retail pricing . . .

But as much as I despise shopping for electronics, the idea of flying to London with a camera that’s apparently tripping on acid is slightly nerve-wracking.

Scratch that. It’s insane.

Guess I’ll be spending my Friday night hanging out at Best Buy, waiting for my camera to “fall off a truck.”


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