Horses, Hunting and … Museums

Chigwell Riding Trust
Team at Chigwell Riding Trust

Chigwell Riding Trust is set in an adorable English town, way back in the woods and only accessible via dirt road. Dogs, ducks and chickens roam everywhere, alongside amazing horse instructors in honest-to-goodness Wellies and comfy wool sweaters.

This picturesque and registered charity was the first riding centre for people with special needs in the world and provides riding instruction for people of all ages and abilities.

Instructors are intelligent, riders are sweet, and the entire ethos of the trust is inspirational. Chigwell Riding Trust was a perfect outreach experience and I’m thrilled I had the opportunity to visit.

Yup. That's me.
Yup. That's me.

And although they wouldn’t let us ride the real horses, we all took a turn cantering on the mechanical horse at Chigwell Riding Trust. And I may not be a professional equestrian, but I held my own!

The British Museum
The British Museum

Besides my new career as a horsewoman, I’ve also fallen under the spell of  The British Museum.

The building itself is huge (approximately 9 football pitches, I’m told) and it houses over 8 million museum objects. And although I saw maybe .02% of the exhibitions, I’m still in awe of the history, beauty, age of the pieces this gorgeous museums displays.  I just wanna throw down my sleeping back and camp out until I see everything . . .

Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge
Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge

Hey Dad, this one is for you: Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is a Tudor timber hunt-standing that dates from 1543. Looks just like the farmhouse out in Florida, Mass!


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