Church with Margaret Thatcher

I’ve seen way too many of London’s fast food joints.Instead of stealing McDonald’s free WiFi, I’m paying for Subway’s internet cafe.

So here’s just a quick note of my recent adventures. Photos to come.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum – We visited the museum on a Friday night, totally unaware of their amazing late night activities. There was music and wine and tons of people and a seriously great vibe. There’s nothing like wandering around a world famous museum at 9PM on a Friday night. (And did I mention that the V&A has a stellar theatre exhibition, complete with a fully loaded costume trunk? Needless to say, we tried on every ridiculous costume and couldn’t stop laughing at each other. Sarah wins for her TweedleDum costume. Photo to come.)
  • Charlton Athletic Football Match – Brits really love their football. But after watching a two-hour game that resulted in zero goals, I gotta admit that I still don’t really get the hype. Plus, they don’t allow beer in the pitch. What’s the deal?
  • Camden Market – Wandering aimlessly though this punk-bohemian-junky-DIY flea market was an absolutely ideal afternoon activity. Even in the rain.
  • Royal Hospital I went to a Sunday morning church service with Margaret Thatcher. OK, maybe not with her . . . but she was only 3-4 pews away! I feel blessed. And not because I was at church.

My internet is less than reliable this week, but stay tuned for photos and stories.

PS: Congratulations Randy and Bridget Kimball! Wish I could have been at the wedding on Saturday . . . can’t wait to see photos / hear stories!


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