The Story of Stuff

GSE Team vs. Luggage
GSE Team vs. Luggage

We’ve segued from London down to Eastbourne for the Rotary District Conference. And I honestly think the trip to the train station was more problematic than the actual train ride. We dragged our luggage on double decker buses, pulled suitcases up flights of upstairs, wrestled bags on the train and then played a game of Tetris to make every piece of luggage fit in the train car.

But we made it! And no luggage was lost. Success.

Bruce @ Logan Airport.
Bruce @ Logan Airport.

And although we’ve told this story to virtually everyone we’ve met here in London, I haven’t shared it here.

Steve, Bruce and Ray each show up at the airport with multiple suitcases bags. Meanwhile, Sarah and I resigned ourselves to one suitcase apiece. We joke about the men overpacking, while the girls kept it simple. Done, right?


Bruce goes to check his luggage and realizes that his behemoth suitcase is 30 pounds over the weight limit. 30 pounds! He then begins to re-pack, right on the floor at Logan. Still sorta hilarious.

But then we realized that he seriously brought too much stuff. And the rest of the team obligingly pack some of his shirts into each of our carry-ons. I spent the 6 hour flight manuevering around Bruce’s dress shirts to try and access my books or my iPod. Slightly less than funny.

But don’t worry, Bruce heightened the hilarity by finally explaining what he packed. Dude brought five pairs of shoes! And ten shirts! And god knows what else.

Luckily, he didn’t bring his Sherlock Holmes costume.

*Just an aside: I’m sitting in my hotel at Eastbourne, pretending to get ready for a black tie gala this evening (but I’m actually just blogging) and guess what I’m listening to? Car Talk! In real time! My dad would be so proud.


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