“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

Can’t say I’m sick of London . . .  but I’m certainly ready for a new adventure.

Hello Scotland.

One thought on ““When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

  1. dear amy and kris,
    where in the world are you? oh this is dora by the way- you know, your cat?!? soooooo yea where are you? first you leave me like……. FOREVER long ago. Why? i dont know… but you did. Then kris goes off to…….. somewhere for a weekend. I think a wedding or something and leaves me with kris’s random friend brian which he and I just did not understand eachother. i would yell at him asking for a treat and 1/2 the time he would keep saying “aww dont wry, kris and amy will be back soon.” And i would say back to him “no you idiot i want a treat”. then he would re-assure that you would be back. so then i would just give up on him. Then the silly bastard wouldnt let me up on the counter or the table. which i know im suppose to to anyway but really? i thought i could sneak it by him but *whispering* i think him and kris taaaaaaallk.

    anyeayzzzzzzzz *caugh caugh caugh yeackeeee *&^%$#@!* sorry…. hairball.

    anywayzzzzzzz im gonna wrap this up by saying i do miss you dearly and im going to need you here as soon as possible??? that’d be greeeeeeaaaaattt. yeaaaaaaaa…. cause im kind of lonely. Mmmmmkayyyyyyyyyyyyyy? thank you amy

    Dora- your kitty

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